General Information

Dr Voeten is a keen aviator himself and truly understands that there are few things pilots dislike more than their recurring medical. We cannot make the medical go away but by giving a professional and friendly service in a professional setting we can ensure that your medical fitness can be assessed speedily, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss. We are also sure that we are the most cost effective solution for you to obtain your medical.

Flying is expensive enough.

At our premises in Turweston Aerodrome and at Coventry Airport we are authorised to perform aviation medical examinations for UK and European regulators (CAA/JAR/EASA), the US FAA.

At Booker Airpark (High Wycombe) and Birmingham International we can undertake EASA Medical Examinations.

Whilst we do of course have to stick to the rules and regulations, we very much believe that a great number of (potential) pilots are put off by going for a medical on account of (mis)perceptions of the regulations.

The regulations are a constantly changing scenario and by ensuring that we are always up to date we have been able to get many people flying who previously thought that the great blue yonder was beyond their reach.

Forewarned is forearmed so, whether you come for an initial medical or a renewal, if you think there may be a medical issue which may affect your fitness status, make sure you contact us in advance so that we can give you guidance and advice on what additional information may be required to ensure that the issue of your medical certificate is not unnecessarily delayed.

We pride ourselves in delivering a flexible response service and where we can we will endeavour to fit pilots in at short notice. However, if you want a particular time slot or date be sure to contact us well in advance so that we can cater for your specific needs or wishes.