Pilots Briefing Sheet

Dear Pilot

Being a keen aviator myself I fully appreciate that the regular medicals are not the highlight of our aviation activity, but I try to make them as painless as possible!

Please read the relevant section of this paper to ensure you bring along all the required paperwork. If you don’t bring required stuff I can’t issue the medical (sorry EASA and FAA rules not mine!)


  • APPLICATION FORM (filled out as per below (DON’T forget to bring them along!) if this is your FIRST EASA/CAA Medical you MUST also bring an optician’s report – see below
  • A photo ID (passport or photocard UK driving licence)
  • Previous Medical Certificate – if you have one
  • Payment (cash, cheque, card or by agreement you pay by bank transfer before you come) – Please note that the charge is payable for the consultation and medical examination not for the issue of the medical certificate
  • Optician’s report – less than 3 months old – if applicable (Initial Class 2 and Class 1/EU3  every 2 years if you have a visual limitation on your medical VNL/VDL)
  • Full bladder for the urine sample I require you to produce on the premises
  • Glasses (if you need them – leaving them on your desk won’t help you reading the chart!)
  • Chaperone – if you want a chaperone feel free to bring a friend/family member or let us know before hand by email so we can organise a chaperone.
Where are we:

See detailed route descriptions below – read them or you will get lost!

What to do if you are running late?

If you are running late please contact me as soon as possible so that I can let you know if I can still accommodate your medical that day or whether we need to reschedule (+44 7702 212 006). I will do my best but depending on other appointments and the length of delay this is not always possible.

Forms to fill out and bring!

  • EASA Medical Class 1 or 2; Euro Class 3 (ATCO)

Application form, follow the link, download, fill out and bring in (for every medical)


Comprehensive eye examination (if this is your first EASA class 2 medical ever), follow link, download, fill out and bring in


Optician’s report for EASA Class 1 or EU 3 if you have a VNL/VDL limitation on your medical every 2 years

This can either be a simple prescription note from the options or this form: http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/49/Ophthalmology%20Form%20MED162.pdf

  • FAA Medical (any class) – if you come for an EASA medical only you do not have to do this

MedExpress Confirmation number (8 digit)

Since 1 October 2012 you MUST make your application via MedExpress on line and you MUST bring your 8 digit confirmation number along for the medical. The FAA does no longer allow paper applications to be processed.

The MedExpress process https://medxpress.faa.gov takes a few minutes but requires you to

1 Request an account

2 Log onto the account

3 Fill out the application of the form on line

4 Submit and you then get your 8 digit confirmation number and bring this along

Unfortunately the FAA requires you to do this before you come – therefore NO number means NO medical.

How to cancel

If you wish to cancel this reservation, please log back in to the website and select the appropriate reservation from the home page.

What to do if you have had a health issue

If you have had a health issue since your last medical or have any areas of concern feel free to contact me so that we can discuss this prior to your arriving for the medical; more often than not things can be prepared before the medical so that you can continue to fly.

Where are we – please read as otherwise you will get lost.

High Wycombe – Booker Airpark EGTB

Medical Suite – Building 23
‘Airparts’ building
Booker Airpark

Drive to the airfield, as soon as you go through the entrance you will see a waste recycling facility to the left and the ‘Airparts’ building to your right. Park in front of the Airparts Building and we are in the rooms on the left side of this building, there is a seperate door to get in to our part of teh building. There are a few of our posters on the windows of the clinic.


There are 2 healthcentres on this road – we are the one closest to the ambulance station.

Brook Health Centre, Swinneyford Road, Towcester NN12 6HD

8 Miles from 15a on the M1

Nearest airfields Turweston & Silverstone, Sywell, Cranfield

Coventry Airport EGBE

By Car:

Coventry Airport
Command Flight Training
Dakota House

Please read the following guidance CAREFULLY as the postcode will only take you to NEAR the airport not TO our offices.

Go to Baginton Village and at the small roundabout in the village take the exit which takes you towards the village shop/post office.

This tkaes you to the Western Entrance (coming from Bagington Village) and go through the entrance; the barrier will open automatically when you approach.

Follow the signs for the ‘DC6 Diner’ and follow this all the way around until you come to their carpark.

Park up in the carpark and when you look back from where you came you will see to your left a grey building with Atlantic Flight Training (AFT) signage and further back you see 3 big grey hangars, the one to the right has a sign ‘Atlantic Airlines’ showing.

Between that hangar and the middle one is a fence walk to that fence and to the right of that fence is a small gate for foot passengers; there are several signs around the gate including one for Command Flight Training and Propilot.

When you arrive at that gate ring us on 02476 882646 or if there is no reply on 07702212006 and you will be met there by myself or one of our staff members.

If you are lost ring 07702 212 006 for further directions/assistance.

By Air

Coventry Airport
Command Flight Training
Dakota House

The relevant airport information found in this link http://www.coventryairport.co.uk/pilot_information/ and or the UK AIP.

Ask to park on the Western Apron and ring us on 02476 882646/07702212006 and you will be collected. Please note that you are responsible for all airport related fees and that the landing fee is payable to Coventry Airport. It can be paid in Anson House which is the building at the western end of the West Apron. 


If you have any queries feel free to contact me, by email in first instance, at info@meddutch.com

Dr Frank Voeten
Senior Aviation Medical Examiner